About Us

Our primary objective at Blue Sky Group is to create, enhance and maximize the value of our clientsí businesses. In doing that, we develop a clear understanding of our clientsí value objectives and subsequently chart the strategic course(s) that is most consistent with reaching those objectives. That course can include, business valuation services, preparing a business for sale, selling a business, strategic planning, franchising, acquisition and/or merger of the company, all of which we have the expertise to facilitate.

It is a frequent lament of business owners saying "why didnít I do this years ago". They are referring to the positive and beneficial experience from engaging an experienced and value-added intermediary. Entrepreneurs generate much of their success by being resourceful and finding ways to do things that lie outside their expertise without spending precious resources. Sometimes, however, that mindset can be counterproductive and costly. When it comes to protecting and maximizing the value of your business, for example, the benefits of retaining a seasoned intermediary far outweigh the costs. A simple example would be utilizing a tax accountant for tax planning counsel and preparation. When it comes to the most important decisions, those which can impact your business and perhaps your personal financial situation indefinitely you should seriously consider and intermediary for the following reasons:
  • Think of a good intermediary as an experienced navigator that can provide independent, confidential, multi-disciplinary expertise with one ultimate objective: your personal goals.
  • A quality advisor will provide expertise in such areas as financial analysis, company valuation, memorandum preparation and presentation, setting the strategy for value maximization, approaching and qualifying prospective buyers and investors, negotiating and evaluating offers, ensuring proper legal and tax counsel is in place, facilitating due diligence, negotiating documentation, facilitating closing, and assisting in the post-transaction transition and integration process.
  • A seasoned advisor or intermediary recognizes that no one element makes a transaction right. Rather it is a collective number of issues that make for a good transaction, and those respective issues must be consistent with the clientís personal goals, quality of life, and vision of the future.
  • A business ownerís expertise is managing their business, and itís vital that this expertise is not diverted or compromised in the process of preparing and facilitating the sale of your business. The significance of recognizing the value of your business through a sale of the company warrants expert attention. Find someone with dedicated expertise in this area.
  • In most transactions, the other party to the transaction will have expert advisors. To protect your interests, you should too.
  • The fact is that most merger & acquisition transactions attempted without an advisor donít close. Experienced financial advisors get deals done!