looking to aquire      

Looking to Acquire?

BlueSky Group can support companies considering growth thru strategic acquisition with support expertise in the following areas:

Strategy – BlueSky can work with you to either help develop an acquisition strategy and/or determine how to best support and execute your existing strategic initiatives.

Target selection and criteria - Working closely with you, BlueSky will identify which companies represent the optimal targets. We can conduct research and leverage our experience and contact networks in designated geographic markets or utilize existing research.

Contact potential targets – BlueSky’s specialists will make initial introductory telephone calls and conduct screening interviews.

Obtain requisite profile information to determining “strategic fit” and alignment of interests - Blue Sky will work with you to identify and co-ordinate specific information requests and arrange secondary follow-up conversations with identified targets.

Provide critical intermediary relationship to ensure success - Set Target expectations, understand their exit strategy, continually gauge target interest in consummation of a successful transaction. BlueSky will act as the primary conduit for negotiations between the parties and, most importantly, in your best interest.

Assist with due diligence – BlueSky will assist your staff with both operational and legal due diligence.

Other Support Services – BlueSky can help with financial modeling to help dimension risk, asses expected financial return, integration planning and post close integration.