Pre-Sale Consultation

Is now the right time to be selling the business and what are the things I need to consider?

BlueSky can help determine the answer to this important question in advance of engaging in the process to sell the business. This is a critical step in that it may very well help you that perhaps now is not the time to sell or indeed confirm that it is the right time.

We can help you better understand how to increase cash flow and maximize the return on the sale of your company with a complimentary pre-sale consultation.

BlueSky can help you answer critical questions, including:
  • What are the current market conditions for selling a business in your industry?
  • Should the business be reconfigured or sold as is?
  • Who are the likely buyers and why should they be interested?
  • What is a reasonable price expectation?
  • What issues or concerns are buyers likely to raise, and how should such matters be handled?
  • What strategic decisions need to be made and what are the considerations in making such decisions?

Other Pre-Sale Advisory Consulting Services
Based on our extensive experience, BlueSky can help you decide when and how you should market your business and what, if anything, you should do to improve its value and appeal, including:
  • Increasing revenue with "profitable sales"
  • Improving processes to make your business more efficient and error free
  • Reducing non-core operating expenses without sacrificing quality
  • Acquiring another profitable business similar to, or synergistic with, your business

With our field-proven methodology, we address key areas, including:
  • Processes Update and document operating policies and procedures; write a formal business plan; create written job descriptions; develop a systems manual; and establish a fair market value for all furniture, fixtures, and equipment of the business.
  • Financials Ensure your financials present the largest net operating income for at least three years prior to the sale. Ensure tax returns match your internal financials.
  • Expenses Reduce non-core expenses by reviewing suppliers and contracts and renegotiating agreements.

Through our pre-sale advisory services, BlueSky works closely with you to ensure you can sell your business when you want and for the price you want.

Learn More about a Complimentary Pre-Sale Consultation
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